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This WORKTECH Guide is intended to steer companies towards some of the most innovative technologies that will play an important part in the future of work and workplace. It includes detailed descriptions, company information and technical data of the most significant workplace innovations spanning everything from robots and intelligent mail to biophilia and wellness, providing the knowledge you need to future-proof your workplace.



The WORKTECH Guide to Experience Tech presents a range of innovative technologies from vendors that specifically address the challenge of improving the workplace experience in novel and distinctive ways.

It is designed to direct decision-makers to emergent and established solutions that will support an effective return to the office by making the workplace more engaging and effective.

This Guide is divided into six sections, focusing on technologies for the environment, collaboration, smart systems, biometrics, robotics, and the future of work.

While apps, sensors, booking, and wayfinding systems, which are covered in other guides in our series, can all reasonably be said to contribute to workplace experience, the innovations showcased here show the art of the possible and, in some cases, push the boundaries of what can be achieved. We’ve only just begun to recognise the unbounded potential of AI, robotics, and augmented reality to influence the experience.

The journey starts here.


The WORKTECH Guides are the ultimate ‘Who’s Who’ in workplace technology, showcasing the top, best-in-class, vendors in five key areas of the smart workplace:

– Workplace Apps
– Workplace Sensors
– Visitor Management
– Booking Systems
– Experience Technology

Each guide, created through extensive industry research, offers a comprehensive vendor directory with detailed company information, descriptions, and technical specifications.

We understand that professionals face a multitude of responsibilities and challenges, making it difficult to stay updated with the latest workplace solutions. The WORKTECH Guides are designed to help you make informed, strategic decisions in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Published by WORKTECH Academy
In collaboration with global workplace consultancy, UnWork