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This WORKTECH Guide to Visitor Management, in partnership with Envoy, provides a thorough overview of best-in-class visitor management vendors. It details key features, benefits, company information and key credentials.

Designed for workplace leaders seeking informed investment decisions, this guide highlights vendors with a proven track record of delivering significant business outcomes.

With the shift to hybrid work models, improving the workplace experience for both employees and visitors is crucial.  This shift has undoubtedly placed additional pressure on organisations to improve their workplace experience and provide a more frictionless, safe, and supportive experience from the moment they come into the office.

This Guide illuminates the sector, serving as a crucial resource for workplace professionals navigating the world of visitor management.


The WORKTECH Guides are the ultimate ‘Who’s Who’ in workplace technology, showcasing a selection of best-in-class, vendors in five key areas of the smart workplace:

– Workplace Apps
– Workplace Sensors
– Visitor Management
– Booking Systems
– Experience Technology

Each guide, created through extensive industry research, offers a comprehensive vendor directory with detailed company information, descriptions, and technical specifications.

We understand that professionals face a multitude of responsibilities and challenges, making it difficult to stay updated with the latest workplace solutions. The WORKTECH Guides are designed to help you make informed, strategic decisions in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Published by WORKTECH Academy
In collaboration with global workplace consultancy, UnWork.