Company history

jeremy myerson and philip ross

Cordless was founded in 1994 with the publication of the Cordless Office Report. The following year we worked with Ericsson, Intel, AT&T (as it was then) and Herman Miller to build the world's first wireless office. This was launched at Workplace 95 in Olympia and then installed for a year in the City of London.

In 1996 we launched UNWIRED, our knowledge division, and have continued to build our business on the back of an explosive growth of wireless technology and a realisation of the benefits and changes that this delivers to business and organisations.

We now operate globally from our bases in London and New York, and have a client list that includes the majority of the top FTSE and Fortune listed enterprises.

Our people combine knowledge and expertise in both technology and business trends, especially issues connected with architecture & design, facilities management, real estate, furniture and organisational behaviour

Much of our work has been associated with new ways of working or alternative officing and the technology enablers that are critical for success.


Key dates in UnGroup's history

1994 Cordless Consultants starts trading. Published Cordless Office Report.

1995 Built first cordless office in London with Ericsson and AT&T

1997 Launch of UNWIRED Report, The Corporate Fool

1999 The Creative Office book published. Launch of the UNWIRED newsletter.

2001 Launch of Bytesized Guides

2002 launches

2003 Launch of Building Zones

2004 The 21st Century Office book published

2005 Workplace Innovation Centre opens

2006 Space to Work book published

2010 incorporated

2012 UnGroup formed