Philip Ross
CEO, UnGroup

Philip Ross

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Philip is a consultant, commentator and writer on emerging technology and its impact on work, the workplace and people’s lives.

He has worked with organisations such as Ernst & Young, Allen & Overy, McKinsey & Co, Cushman & Wakefield and Royal Bank of Scotland on future concepts and opportunities for innovation.

Philip has spoken at conferences around the world including the Wall Street Journal Europe CEO Forum on Converging Technologies, in the USA and Corenet’s Global Summits in Beijing and Melbourne.

In 1994 he wrote and published The Cordless Office Report and in 1996 launched Unwired. He has written three books on the future of work and workplace: The Creative Office, The 21st Century Office and Space to Work, (all co-authored with Jeremy Myerson) and has contributed to a number of books including the Responsible Workplace and the Corporate Fool.

Philip Ross founded Cordless in 1994 and is now CEO of UnGroup comprising Unwired Ventures and as well as chairman of Cordless Consultants and a founder of Building Zones and Building Sustainability. | download Philip's biography