Mission and Values


Our mission is for Ungroup to be thought leaders in the impact of new technology on the behaviour of people and their use of buildings. We set out to predict trends and shape the future through innovative and inspirational research, analysis and forecasting.

We aim to communicate succinctly and clearly, avoiding jargon, so that people in non-IT roles can gain an understanding of how technology can enable or achieve innovation in their work sphere.

Through consultancy and advice, presentations and thinktanks as well as publications and training we seek to inform, educate, inspire and present visions of the future.

Our events bring the best minds together around the globe to envision the future. Our speaker faculty is second to none and the ideas that are shared at our events are worth sharing.

We run events in Amsterdam, Auckland, London, Manchester, Melbourne, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai and Singapore.

Foresight in an uncertain world.